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"Delivering Results, Changing Lives, Transforming An Industry..."

All of the following students worked very hard, followed the Private Lesson Revolution strategies to the letter, invested in their future, and overcame multiple challenges to succeed. While we certainly can’t guarantee you financial success (you’re responsible to do the necessary work), we CAN GUARANTEE that we’ll be there right by your side showing, executing, and pushing you every step of the way. WE ACTUALLY CARE SO WE ACTUALLY DO.

- Professor Chris Pizzo


"Everything I thought I “knew” about the martial arts business has radically changed because of this…"

Dr. Bryan "Guide Dog" Stoops
Brooklyn, NY


"Raising my confidence as an instructor and understanding the true value of what I have to offer was one of the biggest eye-openers of my life. It's more than just the technical how-to, it's about what your unique personality has to offer others who are literally out there praying for your help. Do this program."

Mario Goar
Swansea, IL

"I've seen it WAY too much in martial arts, so my biggest fear was if I would have to promote myself unethically or falsely just to attract the right clients. Not only was I unquestionably comfortable with the promotion tactics the team helped me apply, but I am obviously very happy with the results! Everything about these guys is amazing as they take the time and care to move you past any and every mental, physical, or financial roadblock you've been struggling with. Awesome."

Dan Orlando
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Making the transition from my day job to what I really feel called to do (teaching martial arts for a living) terrified me. Professor Chris and his team showed me how to prioritize what is really important and actually move forward on it without risk. The clarity gained and my mission discovered has proven invaluable. It's definitely worth it, but be ready to work!"

Robert Vidal
Staten Island, NY

"So many people are out there pushing their ideas, but very few are helping you achieve what they've already done themselves.
This is a tested process that WORKS.

Dennis Mahoney
Plaistow, NH


"Private Lesson Revolution brought me something I never could have expected…After years of being lied to, ripped off and scammed (both professionally and personally) I had become so bitter and angry that nothing in my personal and professional life was working. Just ONE conversation with Professor Chris and it was all just...gone. I don't know how else to explain it except that Chris morphed my feeling from pain into the desire to truly help others through my martial skills. Thank you for showing me how to do exactly that and for touching my life in such an amazing way. "

Justin Singh
Pinos Altos, NM

"Private Lesson Revolution is truly a once-in-a-lifetime, “no brainer” decision if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, shelve your ego, and listen to Professor Chris. The proven process is what brought me to the door, but the accountability and Chris’ absolute commitment to my success if what made this really work. Do it!"

Michael Yerzy
Pacific Grove, CA

"So many internet marketing and gym gurus promise the world but only deliver the cheap-o Groupon crowd (or nothing at all!). I used to think it was impossible to make something like this work. I was wrong. This can actually be done, and this is the ONLY way to do it. Make the time to talk to Chris and his team."

Scott Howard
Boise, ID

"As a martial artist you need to explore this.
It will absolutely create the success you are looking for."

SFC (ret) Ian Pucek
Castle Rock, CO


"I promise you…Everything Chris has to say is either something you didn’t know, didn’t realize, OR something you thought you understood but really didn’t. Amazing!"

Jackie Bradbury
Kansas City, MO

"I had a pretty big fear around putting myself out there in a new way, but Prof. Chris was AMAZING. You really can make A LOT of money doing what you love most. He has everything fully mapped out and he'll show you exactly what to do. Just talk to him and see!"

Taia Kheper
Pittsburg, PA

"I thought this was going to be some BS get-rich-quick scheme. What I found instead was a solid, proven process that hands-down works if you work it. Everything is so well done and systematic that it’s easy to follow and simple to put into action. And the live support? I’ve never seen anybody who wants us to succeed more that Chris. Talk to them NOW."

Mike Wiesensee
Venice, FL

"The best thing a martial artist can do for themselves and their future…"

Dan Estrella
Santa Ana, CA